Rochus Paul is graduated conductor, primarily working with choirs and vocal ensembles. As choirmaster, he defines his role as the one assisting the singers to shine in the limelight, while he himself vanishes into the background.

Although performing a conducting language, often praised for its clearness and rich expression, he pushes advanced ensembles to perform without conducting. That would claim selfresponibility and an increased attention as well as it motivates the musicians to trust their own musical sense and evolve a corporate feeling. As such, Rochus Paul for instance leaves a whole orchestra to finish a Scherzo on their own, only taking action in very complex and defining parts.


In music writing, Rochus Paul operates as composer and arrangeur as well as occasionally a layouter for publishing companies.

As composer Rochus Pauls tends to the "earnes" modern music, his highes ambition being nearness to the auditorium: Music shall touch, move, effectuate anything inside the hearer.
As arranger popular music in all its varities represents most part of his work. Intention is, the character of a piece to be perceptible in any instrumentation.
Of course, one cannot separate those genres: "Music is always evolving and all the different types of music will continue to overlap and mix. I'm trying to follow suit."


Classic Lied, a capella-singing, jazzband, hip-hop, solo-literature - like in music writing Rochus Paul as active musician emphasizes multiplicity: "I need to have diversity, wanna be activ in all kinds of music, experience it in its completeness!"

Additionally to his profound classic music education, he also put great emphasis on education in jazz and popular music, especially since he showed an markedly talent for improvisation. His first instrument being the piano, he spread his skills to any other keyboard instruments, including organ, quickly established himself as an accomplished saxophonist, recieved top-class voice-education and later gathered - partly instructed, partly self-taught - minor skills to several instruments such as drums and percussion, trombone, flute and guitar.